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Website launch

Today we're proud to launch our official website / store. We have over 100 products including NBA, UFC, Pokemon, Minecraft, and other pop culture brands. Funkos make up the majority of our inventory but we're expanding into cards, VHS, backpacks, and other collectibles & accessories. We have a variety of Autographed / Authenticated Funkos from UFC champions & Hall of Famers such as George St. Pierre, Khabib, and Jon Jones among other celebrities.

On the home page you'll see several product galleries which all lead to the shop page.

On the Shop page, you can check the left hand side for the list of brands and collections and use the filter option at the top to go through the products a variety of ways.

Use the code "Ship100" for free shipping on andy order $100+

We will use this blog to make announcements on upcoming products, and eventually establish the ability to take pre orders and provide other future utility to our customers.

Thank you to anyone / everyone who checks out the site and/or reads this. This is the beginning for Black Swan and we look forward to growth and expansion in the future.


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