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12/29/21 Product drop & Reward Tokens introduction & explanation!


Today we are excited to announce our new partnership with Twism and unveil our new digital token reward system!

To summarize it simply, when you purchase from the site you'll be automatically instantly rewarded by minting our digital business token branded with our Black Swan logo right to your wallet. No coupon to keep track of, no digging up the old promotional email with the code in it, just spend and get 10% back in tokens delivered to your wallet, then spend them as you please on the site or at in person events!

We liked the idea of a digital replacement to those prehistoric loyalty programs that use confusing punch cards, stars, or points that have no clear value. There's no confusing math with ours, here is the breakdown.

As an additional benefit, registered members will also receive membership to The Birthday Club program which grants them birthday only offers and gift tokens! All of this happens through the Twism app, and right now if you sign up via the pop up coupon on our site, you'll receive 5 of our new business tokens to your wallet just to signing up! Then save them or use them for $5 of your purchase instantly upon receiving them.

These tokens / Twism membership is in no way necessary to shop on our site, just a new incentive and another avenue to show our loyal customers appreciation and give back. Now, onto the product drops

New Products:

Marvel Funko Pop! Spider-Man #220 Collector Corps Exclusive

Marvel Collectors Corps The Eternals Box

DC Universe Funko Pop! Batman Dia De Los #409

NBA Funko Pop! Ja Morant #87

NBA Funko Pop! Anthony Davis #120

Funko POP! NBA Gold 5'' Mavericks Luka Doncic

Funko POP! NBA Gold 5'' Lakers Lebron James Chase Alternate Jersey

NBA Funko Pop! Michael Jordan #117 Jumbo 10''

Adventure Time Funko Pop! BMO #1073

Adventure Time Funko Pop! BMO #1086

Adventure Time Funko Pop! Finn The Human #1077

Harry Potter Funko Pop! Flocked Hedwig #76

Dragonball Z Funko Vegito #949 Metallic Gamestop Exclusive

Attack on Titan Tiny Titan backpack

Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop! Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon #1078 25th anniversary Hot Topic Exclusive

Minecraft Wall Decals

On Sale:

My Hero Academia Funko Pop! Tsuyu Asui #374 2021 Fall Convention Exclusive

My Hero Academia Funko Pop! Ejiro Unbreakable #1009

My Hero Academia Funko Pop! Sir Nighteye #1006

My Hero Academia Funko Pop! Glow in the Dark Deku #596 EE Exclusive

My Hero Academia Funko Pop! Overhaul #788

Dragonball Funko Pop! SS Goku with Kamehameha Diamond Edition #948

Inuyasha Funko Pop! Kiraara #938 Flocked

The Boys Funko! Black noir #986 Virtual Con exclusive

Mortal Kombat Funko Pop! Glow in The Dark Sub Zero #1057

NBA Funko Pop! Jayson Tatum #118

NBA Funko Pop! Jamal Murray #121

NBA Funko Pop! Luka Doncic #92

NBA Funko Pop! John Wall #122

NBA Funko Pop! Donovan Mitchell #86

NBA Funko Pop! Kawhi Leonard #89

NBA Funko Pop! Zion Williamson #62

NBA Funko Pop! Jimmy Butler #119

NBA Funko Pop! Allen Iverson #102

WWE Funko Pop! Xavier woods (up up down down) #92

WWE Funko Pop! The Rock w/championship belt #91

Minecraft Pickaxe Mojang Official Roleplay Costume Accessory

Minecraft Gold Sword Mojang Official Roleplay Costume Accessory

Minecraft Diamond sword Mojang Official Roleplay Costume Accessory

We've also added some upgrades to the site and new pages, including our events page. We will be at the Delta Hotel in Barboursville, WV (right off the mall exit) January 8th! More details here.

Thank you all for the support! Have a fun and safe NYE and we're looking forward to continuing to build in 2022.