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1/30/22 Product Drop / 200 Product milestone & site updates

Today we're proud to have reached over 200 active products on the site. It's been a slow but steady development for our site and inventory and we're starting to have the type of diversity in our store we've been aiming for to achieve a broader customer base.

We've also made some site wide changes, slight adjustments to the layout of the homepage, added some categories to the store, and updated the about page.

Our Tik Tok has been launched to promote product, you can find that here.

& lastly this week we unveil our first hand painted custom funko Meraki Series 1/1 , Patrick Mahomes. (as seen in our first Tik Tok)

We look forward to unveiling more of these in the coming weeks, there will be a variety from sports, anime, movie / tv, etc. All customs are 1/1 hand painted and come in EE Stackable Vinyl Figure Protector Boxes which offer:

  • Premium ultra-clear plastic for figurine visibility.

  • Stackable to maximize surface space.

  • Acid-Free to ensure long-term archival storage.

  • Removable lids on the top and bottom.

Product drop


Disney Funko Pop! Tigger #1130 Flocked Amazon Exclusive


Marvel Funko Pop! Scarlet Spider #187 Walgreens Exclusive

Marvel Funko Pop! Blacklight Magneto #799

Marvel Funko Pop! Venomized Iron Man #365

Marvel Funko Pop! Venomized Ghost Rider #369

Marvel Funko Pop! Hulk #398

Marvel Funko Pop! Venomized Hulk #366

Marvel Funk Pop! Venomized Mr. Fantastic #689 Gamestop Exclusive


DC Funko Pop! Beast Boy as Martian Manhunter #337 Toys R Us Exclusive

DC Funko Pop! Cyborg as Green Lantern #338 Toys R Us Exclusive


NBA Funko Pop! Zion Williamson (City Jersey) #130

NBA Funko Pop! Ja Morant (City Jersey) #129


NFL Funko Pop! Patrick Mahomes ll #148 Custom Hand Painted Meraki 1/1

Movie / Horror

Nightmare on Elm Street Funko Pop! Freddy Krueger #02

Predator Funko Pop! Predator #913

Halloween Funko Pop! Michael Myers #622 FYE Exclusive

Pet Sematary Funko Pop! Gage & Church #729 Glow in the dark

Hellraiser 3 Funko Pop! Pinhead Glow in the Dark Hot Topic Exclusive


Funko Pop! Britney Spears Diamond Edition #215 UO Exclusive


Futurama Funko Pop! Professor Farnsworth #54


NFL Funko Pop! Patrick Mahomes ll #148 Custom Hand Painted Meraki 1/1

Pre-Order of the Week: Space Mountain Mickey

available for pre-order now on Amazon!

Out of stock merchandise has no guarantee of restock or future availability. Thank you

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